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IIn a world where time is a luxury, instant products have emerged as the unsung heroes of modern convenience. From quick-fix meals to on-the-go snacks, these products offer a solution to our ever-demanding schedules without compromising on taste or nutrition.

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Instant Mix Packets

Idlis and Dosas Mixes
Uttappa Mixes and Appe Mixes
Thalpith Bhajni Mixes
Upwas Bhajni and Shiv Upwas Thalpith Bhajni Mixes.
Medu Vada Mixes and Dhokla Mixes(Khaman Dhokla Mixes and White Dhokla Mix)

Authentic Masalas

Masala(Goda Masala, kanda Lasun mix masala,Garam Masala, Laal Mirchi Powder, Speciality (Methkut, Tea Masala)
All Types of Premixies
Alll Types Of Chutneys.

Specialty Range

Tea Masala

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OR Call Us: +91 7559199725

Embark on a Culinary Adventure Today

OR Call Us: +91 7559199725

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